November 5, 2012

Hope you all are doing well, We are now in Shanghai, China. After a 14 hour travel across country we all are here safely. Thank God. We arrive here at 2:pm (Monday) China time.The time is now Tuesday 6:30 am, we will getting up to have breakfast, tour Shanghai and have lunch with some church counselors. We will also stay over tonight and move on to Najing in Wednesday.  Please continue to keep your sisters in your prayers. We are in prayer for the election.


November 8, 2012

I just wanted to check-in , it has been a very busy few days. We have left Shanghai and took the train to Nanjing, China, We have met with a lot of people and done some many things. I will share this with you that on today we went to the 100 Million Bible printing ceremony and that was very nice and we all was given a Chinese Bible.There are leaders here from all across the world as you know and we will be having supper with one of those leaders tonight.We also, visited the Nanjing Massacre Museum. On Thursday , we will be leaving Nanjing and traveling by airplane to Xi’an. We are happy to here that the election is over and now we need to move forward to support the president of the USA.

Blessing, Marilyn

November 13, 2012

Ladies I have not being able to get online in the pass few days. But,God be Glory for the great things that he has done. I happy to inform you both that we are now in Beijing, China. Our last stop before we journey back to that great land in which we live. This has be a very,very BLESS journey. Everyone is doing well and eager to get back home to share their life changing experince all across the USA. We need your continue prayers.
Blessing, Marilyn