“Women of the New Testament: Finding their Voices”

This is a self-contained study offering eight structured lessons with an introduction that may serve as a ninth lesson. Leaders instructions are included in the publication.

2015 marks the second year that the Bible study will be written by Disciples women under the Just Women banner. The 2015 issue sold-out, but is available for electronic devices.  Please contact Donna Webster at 540-392-1312 if you need assistance on downloading the electronic version.

The writers and their lesson titles are:

  • Rev. Marilyn F. Williams ~ introduction;
  • Rev. Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt ~ “Anna in the Temple”, “The Bent Over Woman”, and “The Women at the Tomb”;
  • Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder ~ “Mary, the Mother of Jesus”, “The Canaanite Woman”, and “The Mother of James and John”; 
  • Rev. Daphne Gascot Arias ~ “The Woman at the Well” and “The anointing of Jesus at Bethany”; and
  • Rev. Kathy McDowell ~ lesson guide